Who are we?

East Midlands Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Partnership (EMWPREP) is a collaboration of Higher Education providers that offers a targeting, monitoring and evaluation service for the outreach initiatives delivered by each partner. Detailed information on EMWPREP and how we collect and use the data can be found at:

Why are we collecting this information?

You are taking part in a university or college activity. To make sure these activities are useful for you and other young people like you we need to gather some information (including information about your ethnicity and disability status), which will be analysed and used by EMWPREP and partners for research purposes only. This information also helps us demonstrate to funders, such as the Office for Students (OfS), the value and impact of the activities we deliver.

Will we share your data?

For research purposes we may share the data held on this form with the following receiving organisations:

  • our partner universities and colleges,
  • your school or college,
  • your college’s Local Authority,
  • third-party activity providers working with partner universities and colleges, and
  • third-party data processors working with partner universities and colleges.

What research do we do?

EMWPREP and the receiving organisations may then link data from this form to other educational data already held on you (including Department for Education data held on the National Pupil Database, your Individualised Learner Record data, UCAS records and/or HESA student records). We may access this data and use it to see if university or college activities have made a difference to your future progression.

From time to time we may publish reports on our research, all data will be nameless, and individuals cannot be identified. The data will not be used for any other purpose.

Do you want more information?

Data will be processed in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation. For more information, please see or call 01509 223462.

Having read the above, we would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this form.

Completing the form

The form below is split into two sections, you can submit the form after completing student details or you can complete an expanded full form version.

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